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Apple iPhone is the most popular smartphone around the globe. According to an analysis, Last Month, the top ten apps in iPhone globally gained a score of whopping around 74 million downloads. Apple Apps are the most popular apps of the year, meaning they’re the apps that consistently topped the App Chart in the App Store.

IOs App Development Company

Undoubtedly, Apple’s iOS is the most advanced and featured mobile app platform in the world with having over 2 million iOS applications in the App Store, which is projected to reach up to 5.06 million by 2020, according to a survey.

Enhanced Security

One of the major benefits of iPhone App Development is it high-end security layer. iPhones are effectively protected against malware, virus, and other threats. iOS provides high-level security against Data Duplication, Data Theft and Data Encryption with maintenance of Data Privacy, User Identity.

Low Fragmentation and Ease of Testing

Apple typically creates just one updation for its Operating System every year. The number of devices available for the iPhone is lesser than Android. So, Apple Apps are comprehensively tested to work fine on all the versions of the Android operating system.

Less Development Time

On average, iOS apps take 23% lesser development time as compared to the Android apps of the same specifications. iPhone apps guarantee visibility in the market, profitability and customer loyalty.

Flawless User Interface

An advantage to the iPhone app is that existing users are already pretty satisfied with the synchronized environment of the Apple devices. Apps of iPhones delight users with a great user experience supported fully by the inherent capabilities of Apple’s iOS

Why AKS for IPhone App Development?

We are working with a team of experienced Ipad and iPhone developers. So, if you are partnering with us for the iPhone app generation. People who are specialized in iOS development would be designated to your project.


Get advises from our specialized team of iOS developers on what will work best for you. Our Porting service is structured to convert existing Apps to different mobile platforms. Our team will be working with you for proper strategies, that how and what things would be done.


After partnering with us, with the app generation we provide the deployment also. Our team is not just an expert in app development they are experts in publishing iPhone Apps to the App store and making them popular.


When you choose us as for your projects, we promise a dedicated all time support and maintenance. From visualization & concept to support we are a company with a benevolent attitude toward our clients and we are friendliest iOS app Development Company you will come across!!

We believe in bringing the best to our customers!!

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